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This week's Inspiration: 
"Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."  1 Corinthians 6:19-20

The most profound and powerful description of God that He Himself spoke.... "I am the I Am..." or "I AM WHO I AM" Exodus 3:14   More....

Newsworthy:  Campylobacter is the most common bacterial pathogen associated with abdominal cramps and diarrheal illness. Virtually all poultry, (factory farm produced chickens, ducks and turkeys) are contaminated with this Campylobacter Jejuni microorganism. More....


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PHYTOPLANKTON !!! If you are wondering what the excitement is about the Phytoplankton go to the top of the page and click on the Q & A, it's got some good stuff on the food/medicine Phytoplankton you will want to look at. We are pleased to have for new friends the good folks from David Hunters camp up in Canada that bring us the freeze dried live Phytoplankton. This miracle food is available from us now. This is another love gift from God!   Find out more ....

The Pending Avian Flu Pandemic

Folks, if you have not read my lecture on the pending pandemic, the avian flu, you should do so. It is now available in e-book format that you can order from this site. Just click on "Avian Flu Book" page on this site or click on this link  http://www.drthomasestone.com/10.html and follow the ordering instructions. In today’s news again, the "Avian flu"!  More propaganda and subtle warnings of the battle plan to commit massive population reduction with the largest genocide campaign ever conceived by mad men of all generations combined.

From this article we read; " Pandemics can strike when the easy-to-mutate flu virus shifts to a strain that people have never experienced. Scientists cannot predict when the next pandemic will arrive. Concern is rising that the Asian bird flu known as H5N1 might trigger one if it starts spreading from person to person. Vaccine must be custom brewed to each circulating flu strain, something that would take several months after a pandemic began." The very next paragraph so boldly states; "The government is stockpiling vaccine against the bird flu strain in hopes it could offer some protection while better shots are being brewed. That stockpile is expected to contain enough for 13 million people by this year's end."

Now, in my e-book, "From The Common Cold to The Pending Avian Flu Pandemic",  I pose the question as to why President Bush has given literally Billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical giants to produce a vaccine for a virus that has not yet mutated to human cross over form. And how can an effective vaccine be produced for something that doesn't even have an existence?

I think in reading the book you may be stimulated to take some preventive action that can save your life. In Paul's words he says "to offer our bodies as living sacrifices..", this is a surefire way to avoid any disease and any mutated bacteria or virus. If we are indeed loving ourselves enough to offer our bodies as pure and clean sacrifices, then obviously we are following a good all natural diet that is complementary to the Creator. The pending Avian Flu Pandemic, or any other mad science created virus cannot set up housekeeping in a body that is balanced in pH, well oxygenated, and properly fed whole live organic food. Get your exercise, expose your skin to natural sunlight (without chemical sun screens), and hydrate your body with the highly oxygenated pH alkaline ionic water.

“Flu drugs may have warnings”

This is the warning that Monday's news brings us from The Washington Post, that Tamiflu and Relenza could bring psychiatric side effects. If you read From The Common Cold to the Pending Avian Flu Pandemic you would have already been aware of this fact. But studies and real life experiences have proven what I wrote two years ago are true. This article published in the local Review Journal speaks of problems of neuropsychiatric events such as delusions or hallucinations. These victims of Tamiflu bonus side effects also experienced impulsive behavior and self injury, delirium resulting in death, and suicide. In addition the FDA documents being quoted said “ …a few patients became aggressive or violent and/or performed acts that were injurious to themselves (e.g. banging heard against wall) or others (e.g. child tried to strangle mother).”All drugs are guaranteed to come with adverse side effects, and these side effects are not limited to physical symptoms.

If a person would follow the protocol that is taught in the Word of God, the side effects would all be positive with not possibilities of harmful response. If you truly want to avoid the flu, or avoid the more dangerous possibilities of drug reactions, then following the simple protocol you will read about in  "The Christian Guide to Getting Well and Staying Well".

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Seven Steps to Wellness, a lecture delivered on March 14, 2009 by Dr.Tom  Stone, as Head of the Health Ministry of the Las Vegas Fil-Am SDA Church.  Download or Read More....

Be blessed!

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