Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP

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A lecture on healthy bowel management



Everyone seems to be looking for ways to economize, and why not take into consideration the high volume of toilet tissue we just flush down the drain?

It may be a strange title for a topic matter that is so vital to our health, but it will become evident and obvious to you, the reader, the implication and importance of having well formed "clean" bowel movements. The money saved on toilet paper could certainly be used to finance healthier food choices!

It has been said that "life and death begin in the colon". There is no disputing the merit of this statement, and the truth of it can not be argued by anyone in the health sciences, provided that they have a basic awareness of the function of the colon, and how it was intended to function.

The sad reality, however, is that colon cancer and other chronic and terminal diseases of the colon are statistically constantly on the rise.

All of these diseases of the colon are 100% avoidable, therefore they are by that logic one hundred percent reversible! 

Applying the logic that provided we know the cause of a health issue, in reverse we know the cure, and then these issues with the digestive health would be correctable.

Find out all about these in the new ebook from your favorite author and Holistic Doctor, Dr. Tom Stone.

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