Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP


Are you concerned about liver cancer, Hepititis, gall-stones, or any liver disease? I have a wonderful liver and galbladder cleanse that is garanteed to rejuvenate your liver functions.
This liver cleanse requires a three day commitment to stick to a rigid fast. On Day One, you begin by only drinking alkalized pH waters, approximately 1/2 ounce per pound of body wieght. You also drink eight ounces of organic apple juice with four drops of Optimum D-Tox added four times per day. If at all possible stick strictly with the liquid diet of Ionized ph water and organic apple juice. But if you need something solid on your stomach, eat only certified organic apples or organic apple sauce. You continue this same protocol on Day Two and Day Three.
Now that you have made it to Day Three you are almost at the victory line! On the evening of the third day, right at bed side, mix four ounces of extra virgin olive oil with four ounces of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice (not canned concentrate), and five drops of the Optimum D-Tox, mix well, and drink the entire eight ounces. Go to sleep on your right side, and you will wake up most likely on your right side.

Begin your fourth day with the one quart of the electrolized pH water, and eat whatever you choose. When you go to the bathroom, you will see "mission acomplished". Your stool will be full of everything from gallstones, bladder gravel, parasites, liver flukes, mucus, and all sorts of toxic matter you have been storing. Do this, then please let us know what you experienced, and how much better you feel.   Back...