Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP

Seven  Steps to Wellness

As Head of Health Ministry  of the Fil-Am SDA Church ,  Las Vegas, NV  Dr. Tom Stone delivered this lecture during the March 14, 2009 service.  A "Q&A"  followed after the service. Any further questions are welcomed.  Please send email to healthyhabits007@yahoo.com

Without doubt, this is a topic desperately needed in the church today, and that the world needs to hear, and apply to their life styles. As scribed in Hosea 4:6; "My people perish for lack of knowledge." But God the Father also says in that verse; seeing thou has forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."

Ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense against criminal prosecution of the courts of the lands, nor is ignorance and disdain of the laws of the universe set in place by God an excuse to avoid the consequences of the sociably acceptable sins of the world. This is never as true as the deliberate or unintentional violation of God's dietary laws. These are what I call, the laws of healthy habits that make you happy!

The seven steps (of many thousands) that I am going to cover in this topic are perhaps the most common violations of God's perfect laws pertaining to diet for modern people. These steps are all related to the most common, what I call "sociably accepted sins". In other words, "it's OK because everyone is doing it" mentality.

Step one; eliminate all processed table salt from your diet! White processed salt is the number one drug consumed by the world! I frequently refer to table salt as sugar's crystalline sinister sister. Most of honest medical authorities believe the intake of modern, refined salt can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure). Processed white table salt is responsible for many of the modern day auto-immune diseases, hardening of the arteries, problems with memory and brain health, problems with kidneys and even hormone issues.

Solutions to the problem of consuming this poison is to simply get it out of your house, and begin to eliminate process and packaged foods from your diet.

God's natural sea salt is like all things He created, seen and unseen, it is perfect! You will benefit from all the broad spectrum of major minerals and trace elements found in sea water. And I don't think it is by accident that we find that sea salt is almost identical to extracellular fluids which constitutes about twenty percent of the human body's fluids. It stands to reason that the Creators natural sea salt would be beneficial to the body, unlike its refined counterpart. Processed table salt is not a food! What it is, is a drug and poison that is roughly 98 percent pure sodium chloride, with virtually all the beneficial mineral salts processed out to be sold to industry for the manufacturing of chlorine gas, explosives, fertilizers, plastics, and the ever popular soda. This manufactured table salt used in all processed foods and even medications is void of every element God put in it, except for two it's original minerals. In addition, all the ionic and electrolyte properties are removed as well. What I find amazing is that over 90 percent of all process salt is sold to industry, and about 8 percent is used by humans as a condiment.

Since all salt has its origin in the sea, it is not surprising to find many masqueraders in the market place, including "health food stores", claiming to be "all natural sea salt", when in fact they are not! If the salt is not light grey in color, and slightly moist, chances are it has lost its beneficial minerals to the refining process. Celtic sea salt is in my opinion as close to God made as you will find.

The number two violation of the Creators perfect food laws is processed sugar. Yes, this sinister sister to processed salt is nothing but a drug that is responsible for untold deaths and disease. Few people know the history of this addictive drug, and that history reads like a murder mystery novel. Processed white sugar was developed in the mid 1700's by Jesuit priests who brought the sugar cane and cane plants from Haiti to New Orleans. From the time these priests began marketing this sweet addictive poison to today it is regarded as "nature's miracle food", and as the perfect choice of quick energy, although nothing could be further from the truth!

Step number two on the journey to wellness, eliminate this processed poison from your diet, and replace it with the real deal from God! Most honest and knowledgeable health authorities regard intake of refined sugar as a determent to the body and mind. These processed sweet crystals are nothing but empty or naked calories. This drug we call "food", this processed sugar, is stripped of all the beneficial and vital elements that contribute to life and health in the body, and the result is incomplete carbohydrate metabolism. Toxic metabolites are produced which interfere with cellular respiration. The body's cells are starved of oxygen and either die, or function abnormally. This single drug/poison has the potential of affecting every organ, gland, and cell in the body, resulting in illness and degenerative diseases.

Process sugar has been shown to suppress the immune function of the body. In a society plagued by immune disorders, the high level of sugar consumption and addiction amounts to 1/4 to 1/3 pound per day, or for each average person living in America alone, would be 11,250 pounds of processed sugar consumed in his or her life time.

Processed sugars are a hidden or unnoticed ingredient in the vast majority of all processed foods, including "soft drinks" which contain up to 15 tablespoons per serving! Each serving of soda pop contains as much as two ounces of sweet immune suppression and studies show a 500 percent risk increase of suffering a heart attack or cancer for those that consume two ounces or less of this poison daily! With all the sugar added to processed foods, about 50 percent of ketchup is sugar; it is no wonder that the average American consumes his or her own body weight each year of this processed white killer.

The Bible based solution, eat the whole food, not the manipulated fake stuff! Natural cane sugar has many vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are beneficial to the body. The number one sweetener spoken of in the Bible is honey. Very beneficial and a food/medicine endorsed by the Author of Life! Again, avoid all processed pre-packaged foods, beverages including soda pops, energy drinks, Gator Aid, beer and ready to eat meals as they are loaded with these many forms of sugars that are processed from cane, beets, corn and fruits.

The number three step in this topic would be to avoid all artificial sweeteners. It should be enough said by simply using the word "artificial" to imply that this so called approved safe food additive is not God made! Although approved by the FDA as a tabletop sweetener in 1981, and as a sweetener for soda pop in 1983, this man made poison that is 200 times sweeter than processed sugar, has been proven to cause many cancers in animals and humans, head aches, seizures, adverse effects on the brain development of children. Several hours after consuming just a few grains of this deadly neurotoxin the nerve cells within the brain and spinal cord neurons suddenly die. It's as if the cells and neurons had been suddenly excited to death. The term "excitotoxins" has been given to a group of similar acting toxins including aspartate, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Benevia, Nature Taste, and many other trade names including Natural Sweetener.

Although these man made sweeteners have been approved for human consumption, they never passed the Generally Recognized As Safe Food list, yet nearly 75 percent of the complaints received by the FDA have to do with aspartame use! The first year alone that the Monsanto /Pharmacia owned Seale And Company, the manufacturer of Nutra Sweet, reported that over 5,000 tons of this aspartate poison is consumed by over 100 million Americans alone per year! The results? Over 90 symptoms related to use of this drug including addiction, anxiety, blindness, blurred vision, depression, dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss, insomnia, joint pain, nausea, seizures, spasms, MS like symptoms, cancers, infertility, diabetes, and the list goes on and on!

The number four step to wellness in this topic is processed foods. This is a difficult issue to address, as the vast majority of people today, including Seventh Day Adventist, rely on the economical time saving features of the mass produced processed foods. Or the "chemical dead food stuffs" as I frequently call them. Most all of the processed food, everything from canned soups to ready to eat meals, have the processed salt, sugars, and even the artificial sweeteners in them. In addition to these three favorite poisons added to processed foods, according to the FDA, about one billion pounds of chemical additives are used each year, with each American consuming more than 50 pounds annually.

Americans alone consume over 30 pounds per person of hydrogenated vegetable oils (Trans fats) each year in the form of margarine's, cooking oils, salad dressings and shortenings.

More than 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables, domestic and imported, are coated with an invisible wax to extend shelf life. Various waxes are obtained from plants, petrochemicals, insects, pigs and other animals. Frequently pesticides and fungicides are added to this wax barrier.

Over 300 foods require no "Truth in Labeling". Breads for instance, can contain up to 80 unlisted ingredients, including oxides of nitrogen, chlorine, nitrosyl chloride, chlorine dioxide, benzoyl peroxide (that is the active ingredient in a famous acne medication), acetone peroxide, azodicarbonamide, and plaster of Paris! In fact, there are over 300 foods such as ice cream, ketchup and mayonnaise that require absolutely no full disclosure as to what chemicals are added to the product, or the source of the raw materials to manufacture the products.

Over 1,600 chemical additives not requiring labeling disclosure are permitted to be used in ice cream manufacture, some of which are distinctly unpalatable. For example the additive piperonal, used as a vanilla substitute, is also an active compound used to kill lice.

I could go on and on with this list of reasons why a child of God should not eat processed foods. For further information you can order books from my website; www.drthomasestone.com

Step number five in this journey to wellness protocol. Avoid at all cost the dreaded "dead foods".

Devitalized foods are another way that we abuse our bodies instead of nourishing them. Dead food can not provide nutrient energy to the cells of our bodies no more than the chemical processed foods can. When foods have been grown in soils that are void of nutrients, then it only stands to reason that the food itself would be void of nutrients. Case in point, when a man ate a one cup serving of spinach in 1947 he received 100 percent of the iron he needed. Today, that same requirement for iron is the same, but the man would have to eat 50 cups of spinach to get it! When foods are grown in nutrient poor soil, they end up looking pretty, thanks to the chemicals, but looks are all you get. The Bible solution to this problem was not to use fertilizers, and chemicals, but simply to allow the soil to remain uncultivated every seven years. Our only choices today is to raise as much of our own foods as possible, purchase our foods from an organic health food store, or purchase only organics from our main stream retailers, or form or join a whole food co-op.

Step number six, avoid the bad fats, and indulge yourself in good fats! This is so obvious that most elementary school aged children are aware of the excess fat in our diets. And it all doesn't come from the fast food drive through! However, fast foods, even the so called "healthy choices" are found to be higher than considered safe of fats, the wrong kind. The fats we eat, including saturated fats and hydrogenated fats, over tax the body with thick sludge like, yelloishbrown material that encrusts the insides of our arteries, forms plaque, fattens our bodies and shortens our lives. The fats we eat are another dietary abuse to the temple of the living God, our bodies!

Fast foods and fried foods are no longer a fad thing, McDonalds is most likely the best safe bet if you are looking to make money in the stock market. It seems that as the global economy worsens, the stock of McDonalds’ continues to climb. But today buying fast food and fried foods full of bad fats does not require driving through McDonalds or Burger King. You can go to your frozen food section of your super market and pick up a box of White Castle hamburgers and take them home and simply pop them in the microwave, (another no-no for Biblical good health) and enjoy the fat at home. All these fast foods, fried foods and eating far more meat than we should is without doubt a major contributing issue to poor health. When we eat these abnormal fat foods while we deprive ourselves of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains is our prescription for illness and disease.

Solution to get rid of the bad fats in your body, eat lots of good fats! I recommend to all my patients without exception, a diet high in good fats. We get all the good fats from the plant kingdom and from fish as well as goats colostrums and goats milk. The Moringa leaf is one of God's perfect foods that is loaded with all the essential and non-essential amino acids as well as fatty acids. The young coconut, another gift from God provides the correct fats, as does the extra virgin coconut oil. The hemp seed hearts is another food providing the correct fats to assist your body to get rid of the bad fats. Other recommended good fat foods are wild salmon, sardines, tuna, walnuts, avocado, and phytoplankton.

Step number seven in our journey to wellness today is: Do your fair share in not supporting the abortion industry by avoiding genetically engineered foods! What do GMO foods and abortion have in common? Dozens of companies including Du Pont, Eli Lilly and Monsanto ( which changed its name to Pharmacia in an effort to distance itself from the bad publicity relating to genetically modified foods) are field testing over 600 genetically altered crops, with thousands more bacteria, insect, plant, fowl and animal combinations being planned. Some of these altered products, sometimes referred to as “Frankenfoods”, include potatoes, soy, tomatoes, corn, chickens, sheep, pigs and beef all spliced with genes from strange viruses, fish, mammals including the human. These human genes are taken from aborted babies. Need I say more? This definitely gives new meaning to the term “designer genes”!

Industry expert’s estimate that a minimum of 75 percent of all packaged foods, particularly those containing soy and corn, contain GMO’s. OK, so you don’t mind eating a few human genes, perhaps canabolisium runs deep in your own genes. But as the National Academy of Sciences reported; “Genetically engineered products introduce new allergens, toxins, disruptive chemicals and totally unknown protein combinations into our bodies. Pesticidal foods have been grown that are genetically engineered to produce their own pesticide.” Now, common sense should tell you that if you are what you eat, then you are ingesting everything from pesticides, strange viruses, and proteins from a combination of creatures from pigs to humans. Maybe you heard what happens to cows that are fed cows? By the way, “truth in labeling” does not require any food producers to list GMO offerings in their products. Buyer be ware, you are on your own, may God have mercy on us!

Buy only certified organic foods that plainly list “non-GMO”! And if you eat a menu diet from restaurants, forget it. A safe recommended insurance policy I recommend, never ever neglect to place your hands over the food you are about to eat, and pray for our Fathers blessings on it. And then, enjoy guilt free!  .......... back