Dr. Thomas E Stone, Holistic Doctor, CNHP


Dr. Thomas E. Stone, HD, CNHP is totally committed to serving God and his fellow man in a healing ministry through education. Affectionately known by all his patients, simply as Dr. Tom, is frequent to say: “I am only a doctor in the sense that I am a teacher and a mentor to each person that I am blessed to serve. I have no patients, only friends that learn from me, and I learn from them. I work under the umbrella of the Author of Life, and the only time I can’t help someone, is when it is by their choice they choose to not obey the Divine laws of nature set in place by God”.

Dr. Tom earned his Doctorate in Holistic Medicine from The National Institute of Nutritional Research and his Certified Natural Health Professional credentials from Trinity School of Natural Health. Dr. Tom has served on several International Health Advisory Board of major nutritional companies. He has developed numerous educational materials for nutritional supplement manufacturers and several whole food supplements that are marketed internationally. Dr. Stone includes in his practice the use of nutrition, whole live organic foods, all natural healing, herbology, clinical kinesiology, the DeHaan frequency kinesiology system, and the Health Care Ministries International Total Body Analysis System.

Dr. Tom is a specialist in the healing art which uses totally non-invasive natural modalities to bring balance and homeostasis to the body.

He has authored many books, such as,  Candida and Yeast Infection; The Christian Guide to Getting Well and Staying Well; Ringworm; Eyes Wide Open; Men Please Your Women First; and The Common Cold and the Pending Flu Pandemic. He has co-authored, the book, Modern Foods, the Sabotage of the Earth’s Food Supply and had several papers and articles published in major peer review publications.

Dr. Tom has appeared on numerous Christian TV and radio stations across the U.S. and Canada, and currently hosts his own radio show, The Healthy Habits Hour at KLAV, Las Vegas.

Dr. Tom’s passion is working within the church environment. He has conducted one to four day Biblical Health Seminars in churches of many denominations throughout the US and Canada, Philippines, New Zealand and Guam. In his “laid back” and common sense approach to having total health freedom, his wealth of knowledge and gifts are shared with everyone to empower them to become their own “doctor”. Changing lives by teaching and empowering the church to be disease-free is his greatest calling. Dr. Tom strictly adheres to the Biblical principles to wellness.